Saturday, 25 April 2015

From a Canvas to a Treasure Box Album, to a Clean and Simple card! I just love to create!

Good Evening my fine Blogging friends. I am two craft friends away from 100 Subscriber's here on my Blog! How exciting is that? I'm 2 days away Crome sharing my My Bestie's Design Team Guest Project. Plus, in 2 days my WINNING 1K YOUTUBE APPRECIATION WEEK BEGINS. As you know, I love to Alter Boxes, jewelry boxes, Kleenex boxes, and I think you get my point. I love to make cards of all shapes, sizes, and try different techniques as well. My favourite craft projects are taking a CANVASES, and building a story upon it, using everything you can find in your stash to do it! Like my Granddaughter Olivia's Canvas I made to hang in her room.
Here is a Canvas I made called STILLNESS
This was in the making during a time I needed to be STILL and wait on God. Another story created by me on Canvas!

This was a Dollar Store Box I made a Picture Album for my Daughter in Law. 

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