Thursday, 16 April 2015

A shopping trip, and small HAUL

Good Morning, and welcome to my craft room. I was delighted to spend a day with my sister. Her name is Diane, and she is two years younger than me. Since the passing of our sweet Mom, we four girls promised our Mom that we would stay close, and not lose sight that it was our Mom that was the binding force that kept us all together, and now that she is in Heaven, we needed to keep that bond we shared even stronger. Our sweet Mom knew ahead of time that we are all busy woman, and it would be easy to let a month go by without keeping in touch. She made us promise to focus on each other as much as possible, and spend quality time together. We have kept that promise, and once a month, we all meet for a dinner date, and to catch up on what each of us is doing. It is a wonderful time, and I highly recommend it for all families that have a Mom that is no longer with them. Our Mom was wise, right up to the hour she went to be with the Blessed Lord. I hope you enjoy a little bit of our time out together. We literally shopped the entire day, not thinking to stop  for nourishment. haha I want to leave a short reminder that my 1K YouTube Celebration is upcoming. There will be many Gift Certificates to WIN, and I can not wait until I announce all the wonderful sponsor's that kindly said they would contribute, to help me say THANK YOU to each one that has taken the time to Subscribe to my Channel, and here on my Blog. I will mention a few, and leave a link to go and visit them, to see all that they have to offer, that makes our Crafting experience such a pleasurable place to create. One friend, Catherine Pooler is giving away a One Month Free Access to Stamp Nation which is a community of Stamper's that gather in one place to display their cards, and projects, and where lasting friendships are created. I also want to thank StampnStorage for their wonderful contribution. Lindy's Stamp Gang and Sweet and Sassy Stamps and My Favorite Things Stamps plus The Misti  to mention a few, that will be joining in the fun, to help say thank you to my wonderful Subscriber's. I will be announcing the day soon, when you can have a chance to WIN a wonderful Certificate from many different sponsors. I am waiting to hear back from other friends, that may possibly be joining in my YouTube THANKS TO MY SUBSCRIBER'S CELEBRATION.


  1. wow! I am drooling over your fantastic haul! Wow!
    Hugs, Marie

  2. I can't wait to meet you and see your craft room!!!