Monday, 13 April 2015

Part 2 of 2 How to make a Recessed Window Card

Thank you for joining me once again for the second half of this Recessed Window Card. I really lost track of the time on my camera. I was so busy getting into this card, I completely forgot. Here is the finished process for you. I will post the final pictures tomorrow. I am planning on doing a major craft shop over in the States tomorrow. It has been months, and I have not bought any Craft Supplies. I just can't take any more. hahahaha I hope to get some good buys. My list has been placed in my IPad. I have so many wonderful products I'd like to get. I will try and keep my shopping to a sensible level. It is so hard for me to walk out of a store with something I really wanted. Let's see what happen's shall we? hahaha Please enjoy. I will see you on a Haul Video Next.....hahaha 

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