Saturday, 4 April 2015

Part 1 of 2 A little Copic Coloring, plus, some organizational tips for preparing for any project.

Welcome to my craft room today. I set out to do a Skin Copic Tutorial, and while filming, my camera shut itself off at the 21 minute mark. I am going to prepare a Part 2 of just coloring in this image. Sorry for the inconvenience of watching the coloring, and it not going to the 29 minute limit my camera allows. ALSO,  I want to take this time to thank every single subscriber here on my Blog. I do not take doing my video's lightly. I prepare ahead of time for each video, making sure we can enjoy our time together, even if it doesn't I will go and start this image over again, and do a start to finish. I will COLOR ONLY on the next video, so you can sit back, and relax, while we learn this fine art of Copic Coloring TOGETHER. This has always been my goal from the beginning of starting my Blog. I wanted YOU, the subscriber, and viewer, to feel like you can relax, and learn some  things together. Thank you to my YouTube Subscriber's. I just went over the 1000 subscriber's here on my Channel. This is totally AWESOME. I will be having a GIVEAWAY, to thank each of you that watch, or pushed that SUBSCRIBE BUTTON. You will each have a chance to win ONE of THREE GIVEAWAY'S starting next week, where I will announce what I plan to GIVE AWAY. Here is where you can find the  My Bestie Stamps Here is another wonderful tool I love to use.The Quick Stick

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