Saturday, 15 November 2014

Inexpensive Powder Idea's for Embossing

Thanks for dropping by my Craft Room! I thought I would share a few ways to save on Embossing Powders. I love my embossing powders I have purchased, but the one using just dollar store Baby Powder was terrific! I will reach for the Baby Powder, now that I've tested it along side my store bought powder! Both products really work well, and smell wonderful while your creating a project! I hope you find these idea's useful! Thanks

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  1. Carol, I like looking alternatives for stamping, but hesitate about things like baby powder because of environmental toxins (not that crafting products aren't toxic as well!). I like to look things up on to see what I'm getting myself into. In this case, fragrance in Baby Powder can have toxic impact (sad that we use the stuff on babies).
    This is info for Johnson & Johnson. Not sure what brand the dollar store sells. Always so much to learn and research! I did appreciate the baking soda texture paste recipe