Tuesday, 4 November 2014

COMPLETED COPIC CARD ......plus matching envelope. Part 3 of 3

Thank you for joining me in my Craft Room! I am thrilled to finally finish this card, and envelope for you this evening! I am so please that it fit in the envelope as well!..lol..lol...I really have to take the time I need to edit my video's, so they are not full screen movies! Hahaha....I should supply popcorn to all my subscriber's...smiles. I have gained 2 new subscriber's in the last week or so! I'm soooo happy about that. Welcome to my Blog! I just downloaded a book to read on " How to make your Blog interesting", something like that..lol...It has information on building a Blog, and how to basically build a great, and interesting Blog. I started my Blog just over 2 years ago, and did not know a thing about BLOGGING! I just wanted to share some of my interests with other crafting friends, and here I am, still plugging away! Smile I'd love to learn how, or where you go on the Internet to download product names, the stores, etc. under my video's, when I learn how to edit properly! It takes my computer up to 4 hours to basically upload one video! Process video's are all I know how to do! I just turn the camera on, and craft! For me personally, I love watching process video's. On the other hand, I love " get to the point" video's, like Kristina Werner's Blog!...Who wouldn't like to know all the internet knowledge to build such an audience, and do it with class? I'm in awe of so many wonderful built Blogs I view regularly. Like yours Marie...yes, you have built a wonderful Blog! Well, I'm blessed to be this far with the TECHY knowledge my brain possesses...lol...I started out wanting to welcome my new subscriber's, then I apologize for my lengthy video's...lol..lol..Go figure! Welcome all my Blog friends that have stuck with me in this Crafting Journey! God Bless

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