Sunday, 2 November 2014

Pointsettia Card created by SCRATCH

Thank you so much for dropping by today! Here is a card I made without a die, just my scissors, and red card stock! Pointsettia's are simply lovely images to make on CHRISTmas Cards. Recently I purchased two dies, to speed up the process! I looked back at this card, cut out, shaped with baking styluses, and textured with iTune plastic cards....I think the simple creations, before we had dies, fancy machines, texture plates,  made me appreciate the days gone by! The leaves were cut, and textured with my iTune plastic card. It made me proud to know it's not the fancy machines that make our cards special. Creativity finds the simple things, like scissor's, white glue, and paper, plastic cards, and our imagination, and makes the process fun!....Oh, we've come a long way, AWAY from the simple cutting, folding, and finishing in a jiffy! Yes, my friends, my baking Fondant Stylus Kit worked wonders on the petal's, and leaves! Please enjoy! I'll post a die cut Pointsettia Card, and compare the two! Smiles What do you think? Old School, or New? Luv to know!

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