Monday, 3 November 2014

Some requested Signing video's I did last year.

Thanks for joining me today! I have my Copic video Part 2 of 3 almost ready for my Blog. Yes, it turned into 3 parts, because of the envelope technique, and a very small HAUL! LOL....I had a fall last night, which tore my knee up, and the stones where I landed scraped my shins up quite a bit. I may be going for x-Rays tomorrow, because the stairs..yes, I said stairs...where I missed the steps, and fell in the stones, on my sons gravel lane way, has my wrists, which I broke last December, quite  swollen! We will play it by ear! Appreciate your prayers! My deaf girlfriend requested these video's I did last year, to be placed on my Blog again, for her. There you are Diane, hope you like them!

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