Thursday, 27 November 2014

Altered Lampshade Part 2 of 3...

Thank you for joining me today, as I am heading to the FINISH LINE of this Lampshade project! For you, my American friends, I pray you had a MEMORABLE DAY, with FAMILY, and FRIENDS! I love a Turkey meal with all the trimmings...mmmm, and let's not forget the Cranberries shaped like a can!!!...YUMMY! CHRISTmas is not far off, so I can wait for my GOBBLE GOBBLE then!

I am so excited to see I have another Subscriber....yay, I'm so pleased about you joining us! Welcome!
My tutorial this evening was mainly to show you, I'm working on it. I started filming, and half way through, I knocked the camera on the floor! I began's new, right?...haha. You will not believe the different direction I went after the camera shut off! I went in my Craft Closet,  to get out my trunk of  HOARDED TRIMS, LACES, FLOWERED LACES, and so much MORE!  I started holding things up to my lampshade, and that was it! I headed off into a total different direction! Oh, it's still Shabby Chic, and remains having a VICTORIAN flair to it......just headed down a different Creative Path....Oh, I am so pleased I changed direction too! See you tomorrow, for my COMPLETED GIFT, and labour of love for a friend! I hope you'll like it!

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