Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Thank you for your Prayers.....Proverbs 3:5,6

A Warm Welcome from Cinnamon 

I am feeling much better this evening. Thank you for your prayers.
My little baby is resting close by her Mama. 
She loves to be wrapped in a blanket too, all 125 lbs. of her!
I hope to have a video up tomorrow, Lord willing, and me able.
A warm welcome to my new Subbie's.
I will announce my WINNER'S of my 3000 Subbie Giveaway soon.
I am adding to the P-Touch Label Maker, 3 Special Canvas Designed for You, 
2 One Month Free Subscription to Stamp Nation thanks to my friend Catherine Pooler
ONE... $50.00 Certificate to STAMP N STORAGE thanks to Mr.Brett at SnS
I am waiting to hear back on three more fabulous prizes to contact me.
If you haven't entered yet, here is where you ENTER


  1. Replies
    1. I am getting so excited to draw the names. I am waiting on a few more great giveaway's, and will post it.

  2. Hi Carol! New Subscriber here :) I remember you from Stampin' Up! a long time ago! Would love to connect. My blog is :) Looking forward to your projects!

    1. Hi there Jessica ...Wow, that was a few moons ago wasn't it? How are you doing? I will run over to your Blog asap. I am so pleased that you joined here. I look forward to catching up with you....

    2. Fabulous! Yes, that was a long time ago! :)

  3. Awe, love your fur baby! I have one too she is still growing, but I don't think she will be as big as yours. Mine is still a puppy( German Shepherd) she will be 9 months old later this month.

  4. I love our little, but HUGE Bullmastiff doggy. She is a gentle giant of a dog, and loves to be pampered, day in, and day out....hahaha I am a BIG DOG person, so she fits the You have a nice breed of dog too. They may be BIG, but they are babies.....SO NICE TO SEE YOU SUE.