Wednesday, 20 January 2016

How to Mask without Fussy Cutting, PLUS How to get a Marble/Granite Background Image

Welcome to my Craft Room this evening. This simple Vintage Card took me 2 days to complete, as you will notice with the wardrobe changes...hahaha I wanted to do a vintage shaker card, and show how to achieve the look of a Marble/Granite background, looking somewhat like a countertop. Masking, to achieve a 3D image can be frustrating, because of fussy cutting to get this look, but in this video, I will show you how I achieve it using a few die cuts, and ACETATE.  Using a home made stencil, and die cutting the image I want to look 3D, and images that look close, and far away is simple using this technique.  Here is a perfect solution to no fussy cutting to get the same result in half the time. Please enjoy. I have some great things happening with my YouTube Channel, and one is the BIGGEST.....I hit 3000 beautiful Crafting Subscriber's last night, and I am excited about that.....really an emotional, blessed moment for me. I realize for some crafter's, with very high amounts of subscriber's, this may be a small thing, yet this is anything but SMALL for this country bumpkin .....It may as well be a million....That is too many 0's to place here...hahaha I want to send out a huge Thank "YOU" for subscribing to my Blog. I notice every single person that subscribes to my Blog, or YouTube Channel. I see that I gained 2 crafter's here this week...GREAT SEEING YOU....If anyone wants to see me do a particular project, just leave me a comment, and I would be happy to try it for you. Have a blessed week everyone, and I will be sharing a great GIVEAWAY, and another video shortly, going over all the crafty things that are going on with me lately. Take care until then.

P.S. I am having some problems with the edit being completed with a picture for the beginning of my video, so until I resolve this, I will keep this blank image here, and switch it up when it is properly applied to my satisfaction....huge smiles

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