Monday, 29 June 2015

My 2nd EDITED VIDEO for my friends....YOU!

Welcome dear Subscriber's to my New video section, I'm calling "FINALLY EDITING" of course! I bought my new Mac Retina Laptop, and Final Cut ProX Editing Apple Program to learn with! Yes, because of my inexperienced ability to edit, I went all out! My wonderful friend from California, and Copic teacher, worked with me on Wednesday, for the entire morning, giving me some tips on editing. Marie Gamber is a true Certified Copic Instructor, who was trained, and worked along side of that gorgeous Southern Bell, "Suzzanne Dean!!!  She joined STAMP NATION today, and invited her friend to join too! I'm proud and BLESSED to call her my friend! Here is Maria's link to her YouTube Channel.  Thank you for being here for me, as I continued to learn to edit, with one of the BEST there is! Thank you Marie! Please leave me a comment, with ways to improvise, and get the kind of video's you, my wonderful subscriber's need! More on the way! Yahoo!


  1. You did a fabulous job, keep of the great work

  2. Oh, I am now officially on you tube. There are a few videos with me in them.

  3. Oh yes, this is your debut my friend....enjoy