Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Art Journal Cover

Hello, and Welcome back! I see I have a new subscriber! How wonderful! Welcome to my Blog. I decided to use those drier sheet flowers to begin my Journal Cover. This will be a 2 part video, as time got away from me. Hope you will enjoy this process. See you on the completed video soon!


  1. I have been donating so many of my cards, but one of my goals for 2015 was to send them to friends and family, and I haven't done that as much as I wanted to. So now I am going to make at least 3 of the same card and send them.

  2. Oh and thanks for reminding me that I need to send out more cards, just for the fun of it.

    I never heard of Vim, but will look for it.

    Oh, I love the flower with the spray behind it. I think I bought some with you.

    You are so right about mixed media, if you don't like something, you can easily get rid of it.

  3. Thanks Janet for dropping me a line, or two! You're so encouraging!