Thursday, 27 December 2012

Have you ever made a Mini????

I have been working on this mini book since the beginning of is out of envelopes....I found some 8x8 envelopes, and made 6 of them, which is 12 front and back to create, then 12 openings for bookmarks and picture frames....I tell you what, if you want to have FUN...try a Mini Book....I'm making this for a friend....shhhh, it's a are doing a swap, but I have really two on the go...I started this other one before the move....I am doing that one from and white themed, with red too...lovely when I get it I was watching YouTube videos on how to create Mini's, I saw this envelope method, so, you guessed it...I started that one first time trying this, and I absolutely love creating each page.....I'm hooked on Mini' of that....we had a gorgeous snowfall last night....finally it seems like winter....I don't like the cold, but the beauty of snow does captivate me.....a fresh snowfall that is....I pray you had a wonderful Christmas....the New year is fast approaching .....I have so much to do before the New Year settles in....I had goals I wanted to I wanted to make...some are half sitting on the table, waiting for me to stop, or finish my books.....well, I am trying to keep up with my posting....I will post some pics when I get on the main computer....this iPad doesn't seem to be cooperating in the downloading of pics, or videos....well, take care, and I will chat tomorrow....have fun creating .....your friend....Carol

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