Saturday, 6 October 2012

Thanks everyone....I am working diligentlly to get my videos downloaded

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. I went for a Harley Ride with my hubby today. It was a chilly, but breath taking ride. The Fall is especially beautiful, and I love the trees, as the sun is shining on them. The colors are amazing. It is hard to keep your eyes on the road....I am going to the daughter in laws for our Thanksgiving Meal on Monday. YAY, I don't have to cook another Turkey dinner. I made one last week, because I wanted to have a big dinner, and I was hankering for cranberry sauce,,,,,so in the oven went a was many left overs though, not that our sons are all married and moved out on their own. I think I have dressing for a week. hahaha I am making another card and video this afternoon. Please enjoy your time with the family, if your Canadian, like me, and have MONDAY OFF. For all my International friends, you enjoy your week also....even Monday!!!!! SMILES Talk later

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