Sunday, 20 May 2018

Pearlescent Birthday Card

Thank you for your patience waiting for me to post this video. I had a busy day yesterday, and I truly thought at the end of the day I had posted this here. Eeks, I am now thinking I have completed things that I haven't. hahahaha It comes with age I hear. smile This card was so easy to make, and the supplies being at hand only added to the process. Here are a few of the items I used for the creating of this Happy Birthday Card. Thanks as always for spending time with me during the making of it.

Smile Die

This is the name of them, but mine are in a different container. Must be different in the store.

Glitter Paper Packs


  1. Happy Birthday! Hope your day was amazing. I love watching your videos, and have learned lots. Just this week I was looking at this paint set at Michael’s. They are beautiful, and I am going to get a set. Thank you.

  2. I love these paints! I went immediately to Michael's online and found only the paints you linked to above. I did find a different brand with a few more metallic colors which I think I'll try. So beautiful. Thank you, Carol, for sharing your gifts with us. My name is Polly but on YouTube I'm Pfengwa.