Sunday, 11 December 2016

An Unbelievable Gift Box arrived, and I would like to share it with you. Let's take a PEEK!

A warm welcome this morning is 12:12 in the a.m. as I place this here for your enjoyment. As most of you know, I seem to do my editing quite late in the evening, and into the morning. haha I want to thank each person that is subscribed to my Blog. If you leave me a message here, and I don't answer it, it is because I don't receive a notice that one is here.  I am going to make this a priority to check here. You mean so much to me as friends, and I don't want to miss a comment that you take the time to leave me. On a bright note, I want to share this Gift Box # 2, I was sent in the mail, and opened for you today. You are not going to believe the goodness, and blessings in here. I will also share some upcoming projects for this week as well in this tutorial. I am feeling much better, thanks to your prayers. Pneumonia has hit me hard this year, and I have gone through 4 different antibiotics to heal the different strains I had contacted. I have to rest, and take the cough syrup with the antibiotics once a day. I thought I would give you an update, as I asked for prayers for this bout of pneumonia. Here is the first Gift Box I was sent a few weeks ago if you missed it.... Gift Box # 1
Have a Blessed Week my friends.

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