Saturday, 7 February 2015

Inktense Pencilled Rose

Painting a Rose is both soothing, and challenging at the same time. I enjoy colouring them with any colour medium, just for the relaxation. It was a delight to use my Inktense Pencil's today. I hope you enjoy the tutorial, and it inspires you to give Inktense Pencil's a try! They are wonderful, because they are saturated with INKY goodness. Unlike crayons, they are filled to the rim with INK, thus the name, which blends well to its performance. You need little application, to achieve BIG TIME results! Enjoy!


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    1. Carol just a note to say thank you so much for the link on the Creative Blog Hop post. You nailed it right on the head with your responses to the questions, the timeliness of your post and your beautiful project cards. Thanks also for the kudos for my blog. Much appreciated! I hope that your involvement in the Creative Blog Hop will bring you some more followers to your blog. It is so amazing and worthy!

  2. You are most welcome Penny, you deserved every word! It was an HONOR to be asked by such a seasoned crafter!