Monday, 14 July 2014

Storage can be a Crafter's Dilemma....? Where do we put everything?

I haven't been on my Blog recently, because I've been sick for the last week, and I'm once again getting ready to claim my Craft Room space back, with a total ORGANIZATION REDO! It's been a few months already, and these 60 drawers haven't been put to good use, and filled. I bought this Apothecary to help me downsize the many smaller units I'm using already, that are taking up too much in my overcrowded Craft Space. It's either STOP BUYING, or UTILIZE the already empty storage units I have! I chose plan B....UTILIZE my existing storage units, allowing me to get rid of the smaller organizational pieces that sit on every available space of my room! I want to start somewhere, and what better place to begin, than my Antique Apothecary I just had to My Copics arrive today, and I'm constructing a unit to house 400 Copic's, the refills, and other Copic related things in one spot. I saw many idea's on Pinterest, and one particular unit caught my eye! My hubby told me of a way to construct this unit, with a trip to Home Depot, and using this Antique container I already purchased at a Thrift Store. Well, I'm looking forward to some ORGANIZING going on soon! I wanted to let you know what I've been up'm also waiting patiently to send out my RAK PAK'S, and begin out July RAKKING !

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