Sunday, 27 July 2014

Changing up my BLOG, with you in mind

I would like to take the time this evening to go over some of the changes that will be happening to my Blog. For the most part, when I started Blogging, and sharing together with you, the new card technique's, my paintings, my Mixed Media Projects, and of course the altered boxes I love to create as well. I watched as my Blog Subscriber's grew from 1, all the way to 69 in the last year, and for this I have been Blessed. I am able to bring my Craft Room into your Craft Room, every time I post a project, and wait for some feed back comments, so I may grow as an artist. Many things have happened over these 2 years. I began with Stampin' Up, and still remain a Demonstrator.  As a Hobby Stamper, I order from many other companies as well. As an Artist that loves to use many other products, I search Blogs, to see who they buy from, who they design for, and what their product lines have to offer me. As a Canadian, I like to buy from Canadian Companies, because of the shipping costs, and having to change the currency over to buy my supplies from the States, for instance. I have been a faithful  follower of some great American Companies to order their supplies, and create with them on my Blog.  For over a year now, I have invited you into my Craft Room, to simply join me on the project I am working on that particular day. In order to build my Subscriber base, I am going to have to change directions, and use some of  the wonderful suggestions I have been given by other Crafter's that have been where I am currently, and now have some of the largest following subscriber's out in You Tube land. Smiles

One of the first changes happened last year when I brought in a wonderful designer, to design my Blog with my personality in mind. From there, I have just been downloading a few projects at a time for you to join in the fun with me, in my Craft Room, as I craft. I have enjoyed this, but my subscriber's have not grown, and I want to find a way that will open the door to new ones interested in what I'm doing as an artist, and if I can show you new techniques, how to paint, how to use Copic's, how to draw, how to grow together as Artist's, this would be an awesome move forward for me.

I was thinking of having a certain technique, on a certain day, so when you follow my Blog, you will know in advance what I am doing for that day as a lesson. Please share with me what your thoughts are, or if you would change anything for the betterment of my Blog experience.

Here is a sample week, and what I would like to do those days. This is not written in stone of course. I just want to be more scheduled with my time, and not use your time unwisely.

Monday....          Carol Case's a Card
Tuesday...          .Carol Tweaks a Technique
Wednesday.....    Carol's Watercolor Wetness
Thursday.....        Carol's Thursday Throw downs
Friday......           Carol's Findings, and Fresh Thoughts

Well, there you have my new idea, that I have been thinking about for some time now. Please let me know what you think. Can I add different idea's, that you are interested in, that I haven't mentioned? I will continue as planned, starting with Monday......
Carol Case's a Card.

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