Tuesday, 1 July 2014

HAVE A BLESSED DOMINION DAY!....Inspirational Watercolor Card

Welcome to my Craft Room. I had the opportunity this morning, while my craft room wasn't 200 degree's...lol...to try and watercolour a picture from the Frugal Crafter's post yesterday!....It was a true statement that Lindsay made, when she said, "you won't learn from her video's, unless YOU ACTUALLY TRY IT"! Hahaha.....Well, I was up bright and early, and my room was only 100 degree's, instead of 200... Lol....I am getting duct work run in here shortly, as soon as the roofer's finish our roof Saturday ....It has been so hot, that they cancelled last week, and trying to do it this week! Not soon enough for me! Smiles....I didn't want to practice it, in fear of failure, soooo, I just grabbed my dollar store Crayola paints, and my new Bienfang marker's, and just attacked my watercolour paper with a JUST HAVE FUN WITH IT attitude! I will have the rest of the day to be critical of my work, comparing it to an actual artist!!! If you haven't seen Lindsay's video's, you are missing out on a real treat! You will learn so much, about so many crafty idea's.....Don't let disappointment in your ability to create, stop you from creating! I am somewhat of a perfectionist, but, I've learned to lock those insecurities up when entering my Craft Room. You need a sense of freedom to create anything! I have learned that over time! If you get inspired by another crafter's work....go for it! You'll be glad you did! When viewing this after the fact, I would have taken the harsh line out, between my shore line, and water...lol.....However, I left it just the way it was! After all, it's not heading to a gallery any time soon! Hahaha

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