Thursday, 28 July 2016

Thrift Store Haul

Thank you so much for joining me this evening. Well, my BFF Cathy from PA, came down to Canada to visit me yesterday, and today. We decided to go Thrift Store Shopping. I have one thing on my mind, and that was to get home before noon. I didn't want to be on my feet all day, and I wasn't feeling very well today. I did have a list of project supplies I wanted to look for, and after breakfast we set out to accomplish our goals. My list consisted of a Wedding Gown for me to cut the Appliqué from for my Album Projects. I also wanted to add as many Doilies to my ever growing Doily Stash today. The next thing on my list was trims. I wanted to see how many beautiful trims I could find in the three Thrift Stores we set out to shop in. I prayed about it before leaving, that I would not get side tracked, and the Lord answered my prayers. In 2 hours, I had everything on my list, and we were home for lunch....hahaha What a wonderful day with my BFF friend Cathy. We had a day of laughing, and shopping. You can't get any better that that, right? Enjoy

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