Saturday, 2 July 2016

Vintage Style/ Shabby Chic Card....Plus....Washy Tape Idea's

Welcome to my Craft Room today. It has been a long overdue video, due to the fact I am in the process of moving. I had to take some time to create last night, and put together some Vintage /
Shabby Chic Card idea's for a Card I need for a friend.  I thought it would be helpful when you begin to create Vintage Style Cards. I also wanted to share this Washy Tape Foil idea I saw over on Shellie's Channel   Shellie makes adorable projects, and this foiling idea came from her. I had so much fun creating this project, and I hope you will enjoy it as well. Happy 4th of July to all my American friends. I pray all my Canadian friends enjoyed Dominion Day along with me. This is a 2 part video, so I hope to post the finished card as soon as I have time in between moving this week. Thank you everyone for your patience as I get settled in our home. Take care friends.


  1. Hi Carol glad to see you back! Thank you for sharing with us!!!!! Have a great weekend and good luck with your move😊

  2. Thanks so much Janet. I am going to really work hard this upcoming week to get boxes packed...It never ends my friend. hahaha

  3. Oh what a beautiful card, Carol! I can't wait for part two :) I especially love the back and the new way to use washi!

    I'm so glad your absence is just the blessing of your home and moving in and not health issues. Take care!

  4. Love this but can't find part two. I'm a rocket scientist!