Sunday, 24 April 2016

Don't throw away your "Game Boards" ..Convert to Family Game Board FUN....

Game Board FUN
Welcome to my Craft Room. I would like to share a FUN project with you today. I always check for fun family games at Thrift Stores. I have so many collected over the years, I decided to put them to good use. I am making "Family Game" boards, for gifts, and for us. I took a game board, covered the game cards that were included with paper, all matching of course...haha to create this fun coffee table conversation piece. I decorated the box it came in too, for easy storage. I took the FUSE TOOL, to cover some in plastic, and some I made into shaker's.  If it is a gift, just leave the side, or top open, for the recipient to slide their photos into. It is a great conversation piece. It houses your photos easily. I also slid a piece of paper behind the photo's to explain the photo taken, and the date of the photo. It folds up quarterly, and fits right into the box it came in. Just match the box covering, with the inside game board. If the game comes with a spinner, just adds to the look. Have fun creating your own game boxes. Great way to use up all the paper we have, and all the photos we take, all in one beautiful spot. On your coffee table of course....teehee.

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  1. Oh my word!!! You are so creative!!! I love it!!!!