Monday, 28 December 2015

A Gift Reveal from a few friends over on Stamp Nation

A Belated Christmas Gift Reveal my friends, and a warm welcome to my Craft Room on Christmas Day. This was a very busy Christmas for me, and I didn't get in my Craft Room, but to vacuum, and straighten up from all the wrapping in there, but unfortunately no crafting video time. I wanted to thank every friend that took the time to make me a card, and package up a surprise gift for me this Christmas. I was totally overwhelmed to say the least. I received so many cards this year from friends all over the world. My soul was overwhelmed at the thoughtfulness that went into each, and every card, plus gift packages. I don't think that I mentioned this on my Blog, but I lost a very close, dear friend to Cancer just before Christmas. My friend was my #1 Subscriber, and watched every single video of mine from her home in Georgia. She told me just before going to Heaven that my video's gave her hope, and joy while she was going through Chemo, and all that follows. The day that my sweet friend passed away, my husband left for Georgia to perform her funeral. He drove straight through, and it took 19 hours from our home to theirs. We live in Ontario, as most of my friends know, so the drive was a long one, and at my friends request to have my husband perform her ceremony, he graciously set out to fulfil  the wishes of my sweet friend Freddie. Those close to her called her Freddie, but her birth name was Cecelia. Being a Cancer Survivor myself, I walked this journey with her each step of the way, knowing how she was battling to sustain her dignity, and true Southern lady like charm, that drew so many to her throughout her stay on this earth. She was a Born Again Christian, and I look forward to seeing her again when the Lord calls me Home to Glory one day. I wanted to share this with you, as loyal Subscriber's, and friends, you will understand why I was absent for a brief period of time doing my Craft Video's for you. I look forward to a Blessed New Year, with many craft idea's, and inspiration for all that follow my Channel. God Bless you dear friends, and may the Lord keep you safe, and healthy as we enjoy our crafting journey together.

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