Sunday, 12 October 2014

Copic Coloring is AMAZING FUN!

Welcome to my Copic Practice Sessions. Smiles...I fell in love with Copic markers a year ago, and haven't put them down since! I'm amazed at the gentle ease of taking a marker, and creating such vibrant colors before my very eyes. There is so much learning that goes into this art form, but I find it  soothing, whether it turns out the way I vision it, or it doesn't! Like anything we persue as a hobby, practice is required to perfect your technique, so I keep plugging away! Smile.... I enjoy watching many Copic artist's, showing their ability to take a blank stamped image, and turn it into a piece of colourful Art! Patience is a key character trait I  need while learning to master the Copic marker! As a beginner, I'm learning to except my own individual style of coloring with my COPIC'S. When I first started coloring with these remarkable markers, I found myself trying to immulate other artist's abilities, instead of incorporating their technique's into my own individual style. When I realized I had my own vision of coloring, and my own style, was I able to move forward, without becoming insecure in my work. I encourage you to become relaxed with your own style, and enjoy the experience of gleaning from other great Copic Colorist's, and their awesome technique's. I hesitate to show practice sheets on video, knowing I'm a beginner., but hey, that's where we start right, at the beginning? Have fun with these amazing markers!

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