Thursday, 8 May 2014

Wow, it's been a few weeks, but vacation is over, and it's great to once again be Blogging! Smiles

Welcome to my craft room! Most of you know I went to see my new, but not newest grand son for 2 weeks. I had a wonderful time. I was delighted to see little Jonathan Caleb, and Daddy, and Mommy! I am doing a RAK PAK, which anyone can join. You email me your email address, and I send out a question sheet, to be answered, then returned. The month of May was AWESOME....everyone that joined received their RAK from me, a friend to send a RAK to, and the envelopes to mail the RAK in....loads of fun. I'm now taking on more names for the month of June RAK, and for July as well. If you have any questions about joining, just email me, and I will return your answers ASAP! Please enjoy, and it's great to start Blogging again!!!

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