Thursday, 15 May 2014

RAK PAK Questions, and Answers

Welcome to my Craft Room today! I wanted to share my story about the RAK PAK, so you can better understand the video's I'm posting about it!...smiles a few months ago I was sent a beautiful RAK (Random Act of Kindness), by a friend that viewed my video's. I was so taken by this, that a little while after, this idea sprung up. Why don't I send RAK'S to anyone wanting to join, and I will send this person 4 envelopes, along with a small RAK of supplies to use on a project of your own. I sent out my vision, and asked if anyone wanted to have a RAK friend, sending out 4 home made cards, a small RAK inside the envelope, and encourage another "new friend" for a month! Also, you will keep your identity secret, until you decide to no longer receive a RAK PAK. I was thinking I may get 20 friends interested, instead I'm now heading closer to the 200 friend mark, with friends joined up for May, and now June, and heading into July! How exciting this is to know every week, almost 200 people will be encouraged, with not only a beautiful card, but along with the card, a RAK! Thus, the RAK PAK was born! One friend, sending another friend, a word of encouragement, and a RAK to brighten their day!

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