Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Match Box Card Holder, with many surprise elements!

Thank you again for joining me in my Craft Room today. I had a very busy morning today, but wanted to do this cute little gift holder for you, as an example gift, if you are a RAK PAK member over in SC, under Swaps. I want to give you some examples of cute little RAK gifts to mail to your surprise RAK PAK secret member of our official club...teehee. I will show you how to make matching DOTS for your projects, from your paper scraps. Amazing, they look like glass...\I saw it over on the Frugal Crafter site yesterday. She is amazingly talented. I also do a cute technique using packaging tape, to make your embellishments shine, and make them sturdy for you to use. Fun, and Fast, my favourite works in crafting. hahaha  I had to do this video TWICE, because of the phone. I really need to use my new Camcorder, with the PAUSE button. I have to ask Lyndsy how she sets it up. I bought this one, because I was viewing her video's, and she would pause, come back, and you never missed a frame....I will get on that, because doing two takes on the same project, can get weary....haha ...Anywho, you're worth it!...Smiles....I hope you glean a little from this video, and I will see you tomorrow, with yet another project idea for the RAK PAK's.....smiles.....I would love for you to join, if you haven't already. I will be closing the site shortly, as it is filling up fast. That is a good thing, right?  I have a great idea....really Carol??? hahaha Yes, as a matter of fact I do!!! I was thinking of making RAK  PAK bottle cap pins, for all the first members, on my new, fun endeavour....What do you think? I will include them in the first packet you will receive from me, along with some little goodies to get you off and running. Please enjoy this for now. I did the best I could, being the second time around. lol

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