Thursday, 17 April 2014

RAK PAK Part 2

Welcome to my Craft Room this evening. I have been very busy, trying to get these RAK PAK Packages ready to mail. I am so excited that we have reached almost 50 RAK PAK members. I had a day of funny events, that I will share...We are getting the finishing touches on our completely renovated home. The new front door went in, as well as the pillars. Well, there is a little foyer that is separated by two doors. I had the job of cleaning everything out, waxing the floor, putting everything back, and finding room for the boxes that I didn't want placed back in the space....You see, all I wanted to do today was craft, and finish my, I finished that, and Cinnamon wanted to go for a walk....ok, nice day, I walked her for 1/2 an hour.  I wanted to escape to my craft room, but the dryer bell went off, so I scurried to fold my laundry. I thought to myself, I better vacuum my room, and bring the very full garbage downstairs, and be done with the vacuum job...Well, my Dyson managed to suck my Apple cord into the roller's, and jammed up my new vacuum...yikes...I got that unravelled, with hardly any damage to it, when I plugged it back into my iPad!...YAY! I thought I better go, and hybernate up there, and be as quiet as a mouse, so nobody would ask me for anything, or ask me to do had a wonderful afternoon coming up with some RAK'S for each Demo that joined. I made dinner, cleaned up the kitchen, and back upstairs to create some more...haha...I just finished cleaning up my Craft Room for the second time! can't wait to start packing the PAK'S, and sending them out to our RAK PAKKER'S! I hope you enjoy this video.  I'm going to do a card for a special friend in the morning using my Copic's. I will video the process...See you soon! Smiles


  1. Hi Carol,

    I just wanted to pop over and tell you how much I love your blog design. Karen is wonderful and she did my blog too many years ago. You are very busy with your home renovations and RAK's. Blessings to you.

  2. Hi there Donna, I'm so thankful you stopped by to encourage me like this. I love her Blog Design, and was Blessed to have her do this for me. I want to say that you encouraged my soul tonight with this sweet comment. May The Lord Bless you as well my friend. Take Care