Thursday, 5 September 2013

Hand Cut poinsettia

It is coming on to CHRISTmas, and I was thinking of some ideas...I remembered this hand cut Poinsettia Flower I made with card stack, no pattern, a stylus, scoreboard, and the gold sparkle paper...I even hung Crystal's off my chandelier in our second upstairs dining room we don't use that room often, so a few missing just cut shapes from my head of what I thought this gorgeous flower should look like...haha...I made 12 of these to send out, and this one for took the lower part off of our Chandelier ....nobody has said a word...tee hee...My husband's homestead, as most of you know is 125 years old...we are 4 th generation to live in this Georgian Style Mansion Of a Farmstead....I mean who has 3 Dining area' character though...the glass door husband holds many memories growing up here, with his 5 younger sisters...our children adore this place, lots of hiding places when they were, I don't quite know what brought all that out...haha...oh yes, the half missing Chandelier Crystals in my them on each side on the top right, and left wire filigree, I misted in silver....I wanted to inspire you to try something like this, no die cuts, just imagination.... I know it's been awhile since my last project...the Wedding of our son, his extraordinarily gorgeous wife, took my breath away...took my energy with'm gathering my CANVAS CREATIVITY for you to enjoy TOMORROW, on husband took me craft shopping to cheer me up, after the last of our son's, the BABY BOY.... Is on their Honeymoon in Prince Edward Island....oh, I'd love to visit my "Anne of Green Gable's"
I read every book, watched all the movies with my sweet grandchildren.....I bought all the girls the AOGG Book Collections....See, if I'm not talking in a video, I'm gabbing your ears off on my blog...very unusual for see my blog of late, they are few words, followed by a video of many words....SO, after our scrappin' shoppin', and a beautiful dinner together, I'm primed, and ready to do a START TO FINISH MIXED MEDIA...grab a blankie, hot chocolate, and some mini sandwiches, and popcorn, and join me in my CRAFTROOM for an hour of laughs, and inspiration, and Stampin Up GREAT FUN!....I'll show you my haul too...I have 4 boxes coming too, by UPS....YAHOO....thanks to my son, my hubby dropped me off at our huge craft supply store in PA, and told me to SHOP TIL I DROP, or, just be at the door in 3's so funny....I did a lot of damage in 3 hours...oh ya!!!....THANKS MATT AND BRITTNEY.......SEE YOU..... LORD WILLING ON MY MIXED MEDIA..... START TO FINISH.....GOOD NIGHT FRIENDS...I must have put you to sleep...zzzzzzzz


  1. This is absolutely stunning, Carol. I'll look for a video on it. Just beautiful!

  2. It is gorgeous! Hand cut and stunning!