Saturday, 21 September 2013

Designing a NEW Blog....Victorian Style

This is a very exciting time for me. A New Victorian themed Blog in the works..... SOON...I am joining with the Designer of "The Jule Box" and, many more AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL designed Blogs by, VALENTINE DESIGNS.  If you want to see " The Jule Box ", to view the gorgeous designs,  just look to the right of my blog, and simply press the BOX, marked...THE JULE BOX,...and view Jule's Blog.....You can go on the Internet also, and simply press VALENTINE DESIGNS, and watch the video, and, view the most amazing Designer, ever....I can't wait to see what my new Blog will look like...Smiles....We all know it will include, a step back in time the VICTORIAN AGE.....OF BEAUTIFUL DRESSES, GLOVES, JEWELS, CHARM, AND LOTS OF BEAUTY....It will be AMAZING I'm sure, by the hundreds of Blogs I've viewed, by this wonderful Designer, Karen!
The next step, is to fill my new Blog with, Vintage, Shabby Chic, and, Victorian projects.....I'm filled with plenty of idea's to INSPIRE, as you create along with me. New Blog, means New Idea's, and, LOADS OF INSPIRATION,  BURSTING AT THE SEAMS....Thank you for joining me on my Blog Journey. Each friend that has joined my blog, I want to personally thank you for your faithful viewing, and your sweet comments of encouragement. This means a great deal to me. I will try and give you NEW, and EXCITING, tags, Copics, watercoloring, Gelato art, new stamping techniqes, brayering, journals, lunch bag mini's, Mixed Media, and..... organizational ideas woven in the mix!...SMILES...YOU are the reason I get INSPIRED to CREATE!...I am truly BLESSED! My wonderful friend Jackie, will continue to moderate my Blog...She has helped me maintain my currant Blog...Without her expertise, and continual commitment to keeping structure in my Blog, this next venture would not have been possible...Thank You're a true professional, and great friend!

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