Monday, 1 August 2016

DecoFun Bow Maker......Wedding Church Pew Marker.....Vintage/Shabby Chic using the DecoFun Bow Maker

Good Evening my friends, and welcome to my "Introductory" video for DecoFun Bow Maker from England. Yes, the wonderful Kits, Ribbons, Lace's are straight from England. I encourage you to go on: to look at the wonderful Kits, Ribbons, Lace's, and the list goes on. If you use FUN3 for $3.00 off already sale items, and FUN5 for $5.00 as read on here:
Discount codes for your watchers: (these will be good through Sept 30th at least)
FUN3  for $ 3. off $18. or more
FUN5  for $ 5. off $29.99 or more
If you have any questions, please leave Debbie a message on the site, or here with me. I look forward to showing you many more idea's, and projects using the DecoFun Bow Maker. Thank you everyone for your kindness.


  1. Just gorgeous, Carol! Stunning! Can't wait to see what else you make with this tool!

    Are you feeling better? I certainly hope so. Continued prayers for you!

  2. Yes, I am have good days, and some not so good. On my good days I get lots accomplished, then I have to remain in bed for rest on the not so good days. I am still on antibiotics to clear up my lungs. Thanks as always for you concern for me, and enjoying my projects. That means so much to me.