Thursday, 9 June 2016

Part 3 The desk is GONE!

Good Evening my friends, it's me again....hahaha Yes, I took the desk out today, because when I added the other units it seemed too congested for me. I like the open space now, and hope that you will agree it had to go. I won't put another video up on this Craft space until it is FINISHED! Thank you for your patience, as I set this crafting are up. I don't have much to unpack, so I will begin creating for a change. Huge Smiles


  1. Hi Carol your craft room is looking great!! Looking forward to your videos. Have fun getting everything together! Have a very nice weekend!!

  2. Thanks so much my friend. I am getting a little tired, so I gave myself a rest day today ....haha You have a lovely weekend as well. God bless.