Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Thank you for joining me today. This is one of my favourite cards I made when I first started my card adventure a few years ago. I did a few different colours, and found this picture tonight, so I wanted to share it with you. I did a complete Craft Room Clean, and Organize last week! I removed everything I could get out, then organized what I could, then put it all back! My BFF came Tuesday, and we began this OVERWHELMING JOB! I had things piled ceiling to floor in our bedroom, which is next to my Craft Room. What a mess! I never thought I'd get it back to working order. Lol...We worked hours, and hours to try and bring it down to a more functional, not so crammed, Craft Space...haha. I continued working after she left on Thursday. I worked 7 hours that night, 15 hours on Friday. Our grandchildren came for a 2 night sleep over Friday until Sunday. I worked most of the day on Saturday, with help from Olivia, my crafting partner. I replaced my 6 ft. round dining room table, where I crafted, with an L shaped GLASS desk at regular height. I am able to use my wonderful leather office chair my hubby bought me last year. I couldn't use it for crafting, because the dining room table height wouldn't allow it! I used it at my sewing table, where I didn't has changed, and I mean EVERYTHING! I can't find a is all ORGANIZED LOST! I bought 2 ( 9, 12x12 cube ) Expidet's, which I filled quite easily....I haven't had time to craft at all, since this wonderful makeover....My BFF filled over half of my Apothecary drawers with RIBBONS!!! I could not believe I had over 30 drawers full to capacity of RIBBONS. She seperated every colour, and I'm in the process of caligraphying (is that a word)???? Lol...each name to slide into the metal tag fronts. I have 10 drawers filled with acyilic paints, and 17 drawers left to fill. I think that makes 60 drawers! This Apothecary takes up almost my entire wall, longest wall I might add, in my room.  I deal with those slanted ceilings too! Yikes, what a massive undertaking. It wouldn't be as bad if my room was larger. I think it measures 12x16...something like that, not sure on the exact measurements. All I know is I have enough junk to fill a room 3 times this size, and it's crammed into my space! I will never complain, because I used to craft from the island in my kitchen, for over a year. To have my own room, no matter the size is a BLESSING! I have one single bed, for when my grandchildren sleep over, 2 Expidites, a 3 tier floor to ceiling punch unit, that houses over 240 punches, one 10 drawer cabinet for stamps, a 6 foot cabinet for my papers, and drawers and shelves for embellishments, 2 units that each fit 200 CD Stamp Cases, a sewing table, 12 tier rack for my 12x12 papers, 2, 6 shelf units, an L Shaped desk, a unit that houses my 6x6 paper pads, a 12 drawer unit i house STUFF, a unit that houses my glue guns, embossing powders etc, and 8 stacked 14x14 white boxes I house my flowers, an antique sewing machine in its original cabinet, and my brand new touch screen sewing machine, last but not least my leather chair! Phew....UNBELIEVABLE! Well, my friends, this is the reason for me being MIA this last week, and a half. I will be posting again tomorrow, if all goes as planned! Thank you for your patience. God Bless

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