Monday, 1 December 2014

Creating ART, on our MAILING BOXES this CHRISTmas

Thank you so much for joining me today......I'm beginning the BROWN PAPER ART WORK, for my CHRISTmas boxes that are ready for mailing....I think that I enjoy the creative part of the mailing packages, as much as wrapping them for friends, and family....I sing, and sing, have my OVALTINE, and create, then sing some more...smiles...The Love of my JESUS, makes my creative time more JOYOUS, because I'm giving, without any strings attached to get back! I think of the Scripture, where it says, REJOICE in the Lord ALWAY, and again I say REJOICE! GIVING IS A LEARNED BEHAVIOUR, that my sweet Mom tried to incorporate in us from an early age. You are taught to give. As a child, we want, more than we want to give....We can see that today...If one sibling gets a gift, and opens it, then finds out its not for them, and they have to give it to the rightful owner...they are clinging onto it, as the owner is ripping it from their grasping little crying starts....and so on, because young children look at things, and their WANTER list is way up there....
If you look back at movies from the past, like my favourite, the original "LITTLE WOMAN", they were taught to give, with a sincere heart to please the other person, and not themselves, right? I just watched it, with Judy Garland, LOVE that movie, and I'm not a movie person....What about  ANNA AND THE KING, with JODY Foster...I cried my eyes out! Gone with the Wind, my ultimate cry fest! I'm on this Rabbit Trail, I'll never know....I AM JUST SAYING, TEACH OUR CHILDREN TO GIVE, WITH NOTHING IN RETURN !....set a week out to make, and wrap gifts for your Nursing Homes, and let them deliver it themselves, so they can see the gratitude in the Senior's eyes, that brings back HAPPY MEMORIES they may not have anyone to share them with.....
I take our grandchildren to the Senior Homes, with a Hymn Book, and we sing, while one person will volunteer to play the piano...REJOICE....GIVE....and you will building MEMORY BLOCKS, frome one generation, to another....Bookmarks are easy for children, teens, and us, to make for people. Cultivate GIVING, and your reward will be GIVING children, grandchildren...and so on! It starts with my all time QUESTION, I ask our grandchildren when we are TOGETHER......Hey kids, what are we doing right now???...WHAT NANA.??? WE ARE BUILDING A MEMORY! I get them every is the reason I "EXTRA MILE" my, my grandchildren will see, and remember what I tell them constantly..."THAT EXTRA MILE, BRINGS ON A SMILE! THANKYOU Mom, for taking time from your day, to be an example of a caring, loving, others oriented Mother! I can hear you now.....Carol, THAT EXTRA MILE, BRINGS ON A SMILE! God Bless, as we prepare to GIVE, wanting NOTHING in return!

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  1. Ugh. Hopefully the 3rd time is a time to leave a comment. I loved this video and will watch the rest as I'm crafting today. Your videos are nice and long, just the way I personally like them, and I always learn so much. I never would have thought to decorate up a package since I can barely create a scene on a card. I love how you boldly proclaim Christ to the world. I hope you feel better soon and don't forget to show us your new video gadget. I just used a tripod. At my old house, I had a monopod that hung from a shelf and I could adjust the arm and it was great. No shaking or accidentally bumping the tripod, not to mention it taking up a ton of space on your desk. You will love the monopod. Hugs and blessings to you!