Friday, 30 January 2015

Blast from the Past Black and White Yay Yay Card

Welcome to my Craft Room, where I am sharing an older project I did back in 2013, when I started my crafting journey, and my Blog. I will share another video, so I can practice linking things, before I post my Blog Hop Video on Monday February 9th. This is all new to me, the linking from other places, and sharing it here on my Blog. I will be setting up my Blog a little differently in the days to come. I hope you will find the CRAFTY LINKS informative, and easy to follow. Smile.... Off I go, finding crafty idea's, and linking them here, for you to enjoy. At least I hope to get them here for you to enjoy....hahaha  Practice makes perfect, right? If you have any idea's for me, making linking easy, or, for sharing some interesting Craft idea's, please comment, and let me know what they are. I would greatly appreciate any crafting insight you may have, making my Blog a BLESSING to those who FOLLOW.


  1. I thought I posted but don't see it. I too love black and white cards and I adore that bow.

  2. Thanks so much Janet! Appreciate it so much!