Thursday, 11 July 2013

Pick an Envelope, any Envelope

This is such a nice card to make...please enjoy.,


  1. Carol, you are too funny. I loved watching you create. I create the same way so I guess we must be normal!!! Keep up with the videos. They are so much fun to watch. You have inspired me to try my hand at one and thanks again for the blessing box. Nicki

  2. Forgot to ask. Where did you get the stencil? Love the way it came out. Really cool. Nicki

  3. Thanks so much Nicki...I got the stencil at Michaels...SU used to use them, but not any more...I find the look of stencil art amazing. I appreciate your viewing my Blog, and for leaving me a comment....I forget to check the comment section Blogging is new to me...smiles...Have fun creating this one...I really like the look.....take care